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Village of Vilar Seco de Lomba:
  • Stª Bárbara - 3rd Saturday of August
  • S. Julião - January 7th
  • N. Srª da Conceição December 8th
Village of Gestosa:
  • N. Srª da Assunção - August 15th
  • S. Brás - February 3rd
Village of Passos:
  • N. Srª da Caridade – Pentecost Sunday
  • N.Sr. dos Aflitos – 2nd Sunday of August

Information: For health security reasons (covid-19) until September 30, 2020 there will be no collective activity.


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By Casa do Tear

Visit Gestosa Village

Gestosa Village is a place to feel. Do not just talk its beautiful landscapes, chromatic density that they offer us or ancestral traditions that remain alive, you need to visit to know the hospitality and friendliness of its people and feel the rich environment that surrounds us and gives us great peace and serenity.It is also a land of exquis...

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Casa do Tear New Website

New site, new Casa do Tear 2013 logo, after months of work to define a new look, migrating the existing content, create new ones, introducing new features and integrating them into the new graphic aesthetics.We hope that this reorganization will suit you as it allows a much more pleasant navigation both in quick access to desired information, ...

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